Stewart, Charles Samuel

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Cooperstown, NY
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Chaplain/ Navy "Rear Admiral"
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"Charles Samuel Stewart, born the son of Samuel Robert Stewart, on 16 October 1795 at what available records consistently list as “Flemington, New Jersey”. There is insufficient evidence found to determine the actual birthplace. He graduated from the College of New Jersey (Princeton) in 1815. While there, he was swept up in the great revival movement in 1814-1815 and joined its Presbyterian Church in the latter year. He went on to law school in Litchfield, Connecticut, but felt called by religion and returned to Princeton to enter the Theological Seminary there. Whether it was a search for adventure or a sincere wish to enter missionary work, he sailed with his new wife, Harriet B. Tiffany, in 1822 from New Haven bound for the Sandwich Isles (Hawaii). The illness of his wife forced their return three years later but not the abandonment of his work. For several years he toured the northern states advocating support of the foreign missions until he gained an appointment as a Navy chaplain in November of 1828 aboard the frigate Guerriere at New York. From June 1829 until June 1830 he was aboard the sloop Vincennes as it sailed westward around the Horn and became the first U.S. naval ship to circumnavigate the globe. Subsequent assignments included the 74 gun ship-of-the-line Delaware in 1834, the frigate United States in 1835 and the New York Naval Shipyard in 1836. Over the ensuing years he was stationed at Annapolis and at various Navy Yards such as New York and Philadelphia where he had many friends." "Harriet B. Tiffany, the chaplain’s first wife had died by the early 1830s. Their children had been Charles S. and two unmarried daughters who had died as young adults. On 24 September 1835 the chaplain had married his third cousin, Mrs. Sarah A. Stewart Skillman, the widow of John Skillman. This second marriage took place at Cooperstown, N.Y., and that may explain the family move to Cooperstown. She and her former husband had had two young children, both of whom the chaplain legally adopted. The chaplain’s own son, Charles Seaforth Stewart, was born on 11 April 1823 at sea during his parents’ missionary travels. He graduated first in his class from West Point in 1846, ahead of classmate and future great, George McClellan, who ranked second. " "Stewart died on 15 December 1870 at Cooperstown, New York. Burial was in the Christ Church cemetery there overlooking Lake Otsego and near the monument of fellow New Jersey native, writer James Fenimore Cooper, with whom Stewart was acquainted and had corresponded in the past. "
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