Seward Family List of Books - By Author

  • Window Gardening

    Author: Williams, Henry T.
    Imprint: Henry T. Williams: New York City; 1873

  • Year in China

    Author: Williams, Mrs. H. Dwight
    Imprint: Hurd and Houghton: New York City; 1864

  • Sacred Poems

    Author: Willis, N. Parker
    Imprint: Clark, Austin & Smith: New York City; 1860

  • American History

    Author: Willson, Marcius
    Imprint: Mark H. Newman & Co: New York City; 1847

  • Cecil Dreeme

    Author: Winthrop, Theodore
    Imprint: Ticknor and Fields: Boston; 1862

  • John Brent

    Author: Winthrop, Theodore
    Imprint: Ticknor et Fields: Boston, MA; 1862

  • Class-Book of Botany

    Author: Wood, Alphonso
    Imprint: Claremont Manufacturing Company: Claremont, N.H.; 1854