Seward Family List of Books - By Author

  • Woman's Ransom

    Author: Robinson, Frederick William
    Imprint: T. O. H. P. Burnham: Boston; 1864

  • Roget's Thesaurus

    Author: Roget, Peter Mark
    Imprint: Gould and Lincoln: Boston; 1854

  • Roget's Thesaurus

    Author: Roget, Peter Mark and John Lewis Roget
    Imprint: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.: New York City; 1879

  • Ancient History

    Author: Rollin, Charles
    Imprint: William Borradaile: New York City; 1825

  • Bachelor of Albany

    Author: Savage, Marmion
    Imprint: Harper & Brothers: New York City; 1848

  • Faith and Fancy

    Author: Savage, John
    Imprint: James B. Kirker: New York City; 1864

  • Fall of Poland

    Author: Saxton, L. C.
    Imprint: Charles Scribner: New York City; 1852

  • Carrier Pigeon

    Author: Schmid, Christopher von
    Imprint: E. Dunigan & Brother: New York City; 1849

  • Antiquary

    Author: Scott, Walter
    Imprint: James Crissy: Philadelphia; 1821