Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, March 26, 1838

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, March 26, 1838



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, March 26, 1838

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Auburn, NY

receiver: Lazette Worden
Birth: 1803-11-01  Death: 1875-10-03

location: Canandaigua, NY

transcription: obm 

revision: crb 2017-03-06

Page 1

Monday March 26th 1838
My dearest Sister
I have just received your
letter written Friday — I think before this reaches
you you will have seen Henry
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
– my last
letter from him announced Tuesday last as
the day of his departure from Westfield – the
roads are undoubtedly very bad, I do not
know that I had any reason to suppose
that your cough was more than mitigated
still I felt disappointed — I think the mercury
you have taken would have the effect of
debilitating you but I presume if properly
administered it will prove beneficial. I do
not exactly understand the nature of mercury
in the form of blue pills but would it not
be well occasionally to revisit the pill
and take some purgative medicine. I am
always apprehensive of some harm when
it is so taken as to become diffused through
the system. I have no doubt that it it is
the most efficacious medicine used in affections
of the liver – but do be cautious about
exposing yourself in any possible way to
a cold while using it — I feel much solicitude
about you and wish I could make you
feel a little more about yourself —
I went to Church yesterday morning – the bright
Page 2

sunshine was very enticing but I found the wind
cold – We had a sermon from Mr Stanton
Birth: 1803-04-20 Death: 1889-09-29
agent for the Protestant Episcopal Sunday school
Union, he seems to be collecting funds as
our brother Jennings
Birth: 1793-08-23 Death: 1841-02-24
did before him - The
sermon on the subject of his mission was
reserved until afternoon – none of our family
attended - Mrs Smith
was at church in the
morning she coughed so violently and looked
so ill that I invited her to ride home – she
says Smith
is no better - she and Caroline

are almost sick – they have no person to assist
them – Mrs Smith seemed inclined to talk
about the Whig Prospects – says she has been on
that side since Martin Van Buren’s
Birth: 1782-12-05 Death: 1862-07-24
I believe I was not very communicative, it is
a subject on which I have little to say and
that little is so different from what is expected
of me that I would prefer avoiding the subject
altogether - I have spent part of
an evening with Mrs Hills
Birth: 1796 Death: 1863-04-22
since I wrote before
she was very agreeable as she usually is when
I see her alone — She is going to journey with
Birth: 1831 Death: 1882-09-08
for a leave – to improve her health – leaves
little Sarah
Birth: 1836 Death: 1913-11-09
with a girl
whom she has known
only a few weeks – did you ever hear of so
inconsistent a woman she cannot yet speak
of the death of her little Mary
Birth: 1833 Death: 1836-03-09
without tears –
Mrs Porter
Birth: 1800-04-12 Death: 1886-03-29
is exciting the wonder of the
whole town by her wonderful abilities as a house-
keeper — She has been without a girl
Birth: 1828-06-01 Death: 1910-05-05Certainty: Possible
some weeks
in which time she has accomplished such quantities
Page 3

of work as were never before heard of – of course
she tells everyone who goes there – I am sorry
to say that my surmises
To suspect; to imagine without certain knowledge • Suspicion; the thought or imagination that something may be, of which however there is no certain or strong evidence •
were true Mrs Porter
can get no nurse – will not employ Mrs Dean
 Death: 1898

because Mrs Beardsley
Birth: 1786-12-22 Death: 1877-04-13
says she is so vulgar
I have charity to suppose that Mrs Beardsley
has erred through thoughtlessness rather than
malice – poor Mrs Dean has not sufficient
employment to support her family – it is
astonishing to me that Mrs Porter can be influenced
by so trivial an objection – but so it is – Jane
Birth: 1810 Death: 1877-01-07
is too delicate ever to employ Mrs Dean
again since Mrs Beardsley has communicated
this discovery and I do not know but they
will persuade
To influence by argument, advice, or intreaty • To convince by arguments, or reasons offered •


that it is not best to assist
a woma[ n ]


Reason: hole
who is deficient in refinement – so the
world goes – Mrs Dean does not even suspect why
she is not employed by those towards whom
she entertains none but kindly feelings —
Mrs Sherwood
Birth: 1796-03-24 Death: 1852-11-14Certainty: Possible
spent the afternoon with us Friday
This was one of the facts she communicated
John Dill
Birth: 1804 Death: 1866
talks of purchasing Capt Chase’s
Birth: 1785-04-07 Death: 1853-01-01
They come this afternoon to see it – Clara and
I called there Saturday also at Leonards
Birth: 1809-11-29 Death: 1846-03-30

Mary ann
Birth: 1805-05-02 Death: 1848-01-09Certainty: Possible
was not at home – Amanda
 Death: 1847-11-10Certainty: Possible
unusually well – enquired about you with about
as much interest as she ever evinces about any
thing — Miss Sanburns
questions are just
such as I should expect her it ask – you might
have told her that I took tea in your parlour and
did not desire a more agreeable place – What a
good visit I did have – I think you are altogether
more pleasantly and comfortably situated than you have
Page 4

ever been since you were at the Gardner
x Birth: 1787-06-24  Death: 1869-11-01 Certainty: Possible Birth: 1799-02-27  Death: 1876-12-26 Certainty: Possible
house – I enjoyed my
visit so much that I want Clara
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05
to go and see you very
much but she thinks she has so much to do preparatory
to housekeeping that she cannot – then she thinks you will
come and see her - they had about concluded to take Capt Chases
house – but this new sale will of course prevent that – they
have no other fixed upon —
I have engaged a coloured woman
who has lived with the Sherwoods
to come in a week or two – we keep the girl I mentioned apart
she is not totally depraved but comes pretty near it — love to
Birth: 1844-12-09 Death: 1866-10-29

your own Sister –
Mrs Alvah Worden
MAR 27


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Frances Seward

Birth: 1805-09-24 Death: 1865-06-21Certainty: Possible
March 26.1838
March 26