Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, October 3, 1841

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, October 3, 1841



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, October 3, 1841

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Albany, NY

receiver: Lazette Worden
Birth: 1803-11-01  Death: 1875-10-03

location: Auburn, NY

transcription: nwh 

revision: tap 2017-09-08

Page 1

Sunday afternoon – Oct 3d
My dear Sister,
I do not feel "any how" to day but shall write
you a letter notwithstanding – After parting with you we rode on in
cold dark silence until we reached SyracuseAugustus
Birth: 1826-10-01 Death: 1876-09-11
proceeded to purchase tickets and as soon as I ascertained the
number and letter I took Jane
and the children
x Birth: 1839-06-18  Death: 1920-04-29  Birth: 1830-07-08  Death: 1915-04-25 
in pursuit
leaving Augustus to attend to the luggage — We soon succeeded
in finding letter B. No 2 – I stepped up with then intention of
taking possession when I was accosted rudely by a fat man

who said we could not come in then 'the car was full' –
I answered coolly that "this being the car to which we were
directed by our cards I should come in with 3 others"
so I climbed in telling Jane and Fred to follow – it was so dark
that we could not see the number of occupants and the man
in question had spread himself out on one side occupying the
center of the the seat – I sat down by the door and told
Fred and Jane to pass him – With this he jumped up in a great
passion said he would not be so imposed upon — that he would
he would not" – and fairly went out of the car in his rage
I then told him that "he could do as he pleased we should remain
and another would be added to our party that people who rode
in public conveyances must expect to accommodate themselves
to the circumstances in which they were placed ^otherwise^ that it would
be much more agreeable to me to have my party by themselves"
by this time this brute, for such he was began to discover that
he was acting like a fool so he crept into the car and
sat down by his fat wife
who together with a fat daughter

and lean son
of about 20 occupied the back seat —
I was glad Augustus was not there for he said afterwards that
were he a man he should have thrust that creature out
of the cars without ceremony — After the cars left the depot both
windows being down and the cold intense I asked the young
at the other end of the car to have the goodness to put
up that window as my child was sick and we were all
suffering with the cold – he did not move and muttered so loud
that Jane and Fred heard him that the window should not be
Page 2

shut. By this I discovered they were all of one family – The sister
who seemed the least illnatured of the party persuaded ^him^ (Jane said)
after considerable resistance to do as I wished – Augustus heard none
of this or they might have had a quarrel for I was pleased
to discover he had spirit sufficient to resist an agression of
this kind – properly directed and moderated ^such spirit^ it is a very desirable
quality for a man to possess – and as he ^Augustus^ very justly observed
a man who would do so mean a thing must be a coward and
could be pretty easly compelled to do what was right – With this
agreeable party we rode to Utica – I was so unfortunate as to be upon
the front seat and was consequently very sick all the way – Arrived
at Utica we left Augustus to get tickets and went immediately to Bagg's
assailed on all sides by runners from other Hotels – we made our
way in with the crowd – fortunately at the door I encountered Janet

a little chambermaid who knew me and at my request took me
into the family parlour where I had a nice fire and Willie's
breakfast all by myself – Jane & the boys went to the table – we
stopped here but 40 minutes – but made ourselves very com-
fortable in that time – There were but two passengers in our
apartment in the cars – a man
his wife
and baby
very quiet
nice people – Whigs I inferred from the baby being called Webster
Birth: 1782-01-18 Death: 1852-10-24

With them we came to Schenectady I did not get out of
the cars – Jane and the boys went in the house at Fonda
and got some cake – As soon as we entered the city
we were literally overwhelmed with cards and notices in various
forms of the superior merits of the steam boats and
public houses – together with numerous articles in relation
to the rail road termination – The cars leave the old track
I should think about at ^high as^ the lif ^end^ of Lydias
street – go
down the inclined plane in the same manner as at Schenectady
it is not so perpendicular – then go around with horse power
to the foot of Ferry Street about 1/4 of a mile here is the
depot and here we found Henry Blackford
and Clarence
Birth: 1828-10-07 Death: 1897-07-24

waiting for us – The shorses had refused to come before a new
Page 3

carriage recently purchased – I have not seen it yet so I
cannot describe it – We cabbed home leaving Augustus
and Mr Rogers
to find the luggage which all came safely
Augustus managed every thing very well – I found the
house clean and in good order – All seemed glad to see us
but it was not home – and I felt almost as homesick as Willie
did – when it came dark he began to cry as though his
heart would break – said he wanted to go to "jane's nursery"
and to "Ma's bedroom" – It was a long time before I could
get him quiet – he would not go in the bed said he it
was not Ma's bed – so I rocked him to sleep in my lap
He was so homesick that he even wanted to see Maria and Mary

and seemed to forget that they had ever been Baboons –
To day he is more contented and has played about as usual –
his eye is getting better – the erysipelas has made its appearance
on different parts of his body – Clarence and Fred went to the
museum and staid until eleven oclock which prevented my
sleeping as early as I should have done – Sam
Birth: 1820-03-09 Death: 1893-07-07
was here when
I came – he seemed to be playing Governor and employing Henry
Birth: 1818-02-08 Death: 1881
as private secretary – Henry was very meek and
made the alterations he was ordered to in a very submissive
spirit – the address was completed and Sam went home
in the last evenings boat – He enquired if you did not intend
to write to him – I told him I believe not now although
you had promised doing so before he sent that kind
enquiry in my letter – so he said he supposed he should
be obliged to write again – he showed me a letter from
Miss Spencer
Birth: 1821-05-16 Death: 1895-09-29Certainty: Possible
– which was very much like Auge's survey
and excepting the grammar – all very friendly – no love or
any such thing mentioned – Clarence has come home to
get his clothes &c – I do not know yet when I shall go
to Florida – Jane leaves next week — Mary ann next month
Mr Webster did not come – about 30 gentlemen dined here Friday
Mr Verplank
Birth: 1786-08-06 Death: 1870-03-18
thinks it is very doubtful about J.C.S.
Birth: 1788-01-08 Death: 1855-05-17
being secretary —
Page 4

he has not returned from Washington yet – Mr Webster sent his apology
was not well – has gone to Boston – I did not go to church — have
seen no one but H. Weed
Birth: 1819-02-06 Death: 1893-11-01
– How many times I have thought of you
all at home and how much I should like to be with you, you can
better imagine than I describe – Love to Clara
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05
tell her boy is well
I think was about like Willie and I last night — James Horner
Birth: 1804 Death: 1874-06-12

was here to dinner. I suppose he is better as no one here seemed to know
any thing to the contrary –
is here – William has not returned – Nicholas
Birth: 1801-12-24 Death: 1893-02-15
and Harriet
Birth: 1807 Death: 1888-08-20

are well – but Sarah
and Frank
are sick – I hope you will
write as soon as you get back to Canandaigua – Is Pa
Birth: 1772-04-11 Death: 1851-11-13
well – Willie says "Grandpa, good man" – your own Sister —
All the boys send love – they are all around me
Mrs Alvah Worden


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