Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, October 11, 1842

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, October 11, 1842



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, October 11, 1842

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Albany, NY

receiver: Lazette Worden
Birth: 1803-11-01  Death: 1875-10-03

location: Canandaigua, NY

transcription: ahf 

revision: tap 2017-10-25

Page 1

Tuesday Night–
My dear Sister,
Every thing has whirled on so rapidly
for the last week that I hardly know where to commence
Yesterday the day I would have written I was very
sick with cholera morbus, produced by eating too
many pears– I am not well yet but the influence
of homeopathy has been very benign so far– Henry
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10

did not return until Friday morning and then he
came in company with Polydore
Birth: 1799 Death: 1872-04-23
– not with Mary Seward
Birth: 1815 Death: 1879-08-29

who I am sorry to say was left much in the same
way that she was once before– John Mumford
Birth: 1791-09-18 Death: 1863-04-25
came to the
boat to expostulate with Henry for going without giving her
more than half an hour's notice– which he was unable to
do having just returned from Long Island– I am afraid
he will be considered a very remiss brother– Polydore came
from Florida to take his mother
Birth: 1769-11-27 Death: 1844-12-11
home– I found it much
easier to dispose of a man than I could have done a
lady– I forgot to mention that Wednesday morning before
Page 2

any of the family were up Mrs Horton
Birth: 1815 Death: 1898-02-22
of Weedsport came
an announced l it to be her intention to stay until Henry
came home– The poor woman came on sorry business one of
her sons
having recently become an inmate of the state prison
Birth: 1822 Death: 1895-09-16
gave up her bed to Mrs Horton and went home to sleep
while she remained– Polydore and Mr Underwood
Birth: 1818-02-08 Death: 1881
one bed so we managed pretty well– Mrs Sanborne
Birth: 1763-02-13 Death: 1856-11-03
here Thursday– I found her quite entertaining and was as-
tonished to hear that she was upwards of 80 years of age
She is a remarkable woman– I could not persuade her to come
to dinner our family being so large– Augustus waited upon
her home at 8 oclock– Friday Mary Ann
Birth: 1809-01-19 Death: 1886-04-24
and John Dill
Birth: 1804 Death: 1866

took dinner with us– Mrs Horner
Birth: 1813 Death: 1873-04-29
Mrs Compston
Birth: 1800 Death: 1851-06-04
Mary Ann
and myself went to ride down the river in the
morning, Mary ann came home with me– I promised to go
to Mrs Horners to tea but by this time had a violent headach
which kept me at home– The Dills were to leave Saturday
morning– Debby


, George
Birth: 1805-10-07 Death: 1844-02
and the Cheadell's
x Birth: 1807-10-03  Death: 1874-03-11  Birth: 1806-04-24  Death: 1875-06-19 
have gone on to
N. Haven N. York &c– Mrs Compston is to go home with
them– Henry came home unwell and Saturday night & Sunday
was quite sick, sore throat and fever– Sunday night
Page 3

was so much worse that Mother feel very unwilling to leave him
Monday morning– the day was fine– and George
Birth: 1808-08-26 Death: 1888-12-07
was to meet
them at Newburgh so they left us at 1/2 past 6 oclock–
I was very sick after breakfast and sent for Dr Ward
Birth: 1806-10-28 Death: 1895-02-24
as Henry had come to a conclusion to take a dose of salts
a seidlitz podwder &c— Without asking his consent I invited
the Dr to go in and see him– he prescribed for us both– I
was relieved in the course of a few hours– I persuaded Henry
to take his medicine– His fever the Dr said was high
and occasioned be the inflammation of his throat which
was much swollen externally and ulcerated internally–
He continued very sick through the day and at night Pa
Birth: 1772-04-11 Death: 1851-11-13

scolded me for not sending for a Dr who would bleed
him– said those homopathy Dr's did not give any medicine
and could do no good– you may imagine that I did not
feel very comfortable– I determined that I would never again
try to persuade another to adopt that method because I thought
it better– and from henceforth I shall not interfere if people
prefer ounces to grains– The Dr came again– said very meekly
he thought Mr Seward would be relieved before morning
Sick as I was I sat up until ten oclock adminstering medicine
and wat[ c ]


hing his symptoms– from that time until 3 I was
up every hour– Henry continued very restless, groaning and delirious
although his fever was mitigated and his throat relieved by
the perspiration induced by the powders– After 1 he slept
quietly until 5– he was then so much better that I
awoke Augustus
Birth: 1826-10-01 Death: 1876-09-11
and told him that I thought he & his
Grandpa might leave without anxiety (they had come to the
conclusion the night previous that it would not ans[ we ]


r to go
though Pa said he ought to be home)– I packed Augustus
trunk before day light and stayed up to see them off thinking
I would then crawl into bed– The morning boat brought
Col Webb
Birth: 1802-02-08 Death: 1884-06-07
to breakfast– so I found no rest until an hour
before dinner– he said Mrs Seward would have come with
him but he could not induce Sam
Birth: 1820-03-09 Death: 1893-07-07
to tell her in time– for once
Sam's perverseness was a blessing– he intends coming with her
Himself I presume– just as I am boxing furniture
Page 4

I am very thankful that Henry sot still continues better though
he insists that my medicine is sugar and water and will
continue to say that diet and nature have restored him–
he has been up part of the day and is now setting up reading–
I am more and more convinced of the efficacy of homopathy
Last night Chloe
, Bill's
mother came to make us a visit– She is here
yet– Hetty
has left, that is a long story and must be deferred
Jane Shepherd
takes her place while we stay– I dare not promise
myself to make any progress in moving I have been so often disappointed
but shall try again tomorrow– Henry has written to
Mrs Alvah Worden
Paid W.H.S.
OCT 12


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[right Margin] Spencer
Birth: 1800-04-24 Death: 1870-07-14
on the subject of Augustus' appointment – I hope at all events he
can stay at home longer than one month – Henry saw Worden
Birth: 1797-03-06 Death: 1856-02-16
in N.Y.
he has not come up yet – Willie
Birth: 1839-06-18 Death: 1920-04-29
eyes are some better
Birth: 1830-07-08 Death: 1915-04-25
is well – Your own Sister –